How to Consciously Divide Your Digital Life After Divorce

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How to Consciously Divide Your Digital Life After Divorce

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Nearly half of the American marriages end in divorce. Many married couples are divorcing. In the past, the end of a relationship meant the separation of physical objects such as furniture and photo albums. Now that we live in the 21st century, former lovers are confused about gadgets, passwords, and online accounts.

If the breakup is ugly, a vindictive ex can do a lot of digital damage. Moving is already a difficult and emotional decision, and knowing that the situation could turn hostile, some precautions should be taken – right now.

When you share technology, it's easy to get into a routine. Let's say you and your partner keep a shared tablet in the living room when you want to watch something while watching a movie or log in to pay your bills. It likely contains all of your passwords, an extensive history of all your browsing, and even images that you may not want to save.

Follow the same steps with computers, phones, and other electronic data storage devices such as banking information, tax returns, instant messages, or anything you don't want the other person to talk to. Make sure you have what you need and then destroy it all.

You have two alternatives if you want to end your marriage: divorce or separation. Through both the courthouse and the registration office, to be precise The divorce will be handled through the legal system if there are children involved if one of the partners refuses to divorce. With a simple Google search, you may get all the information you need to start filing for divorce without a lawyer.

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