Tortoise tour

Tour dates and reviews of live performances
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Re: Tortoise tour

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nice. i dont know what a Grails is, but looks like i moe have to look em up.

that's always a raucus occasion when the opener is better than the headliner. in this case how can you get better than perfection (aka tortoise)

reminds me of a joke:

One day a limo was driving the pope from New Orleans to Houston. Just before they got to Lafayette, Louisiana the pope asked the limo driver if he could drive the limosine. The limo driver did not want to upset the pope so he allowed him to drive. It wasnt seconds after the pope got behind the wheel that he was exceeding the speed limit by forty miles an hour. Soon after a deputy stoped the limo and went up to the driver side window. "sir i will be just a minute" the deputy replied. When the deputy got back to his squad car he called the sheriff on the radio. Yes sir sheriff we got a situation out here about ten miles oustide lafayette. "Whats the problem? I just stoped a limo doing one hundred miles an hour in a 60 mile an hour zone and dont know what to do. Give that sum bitch a ticket the sheriff replied. I dont know if I can give him a ticket said the deputy, this man is important people. The sheriff asked the deputy is he more important than me? The deputy replied Oh yea sheriff he is more important than you. The sheriff asked the deputy is he more important than mayor Brussard? Oh yea sheriff he is more important than mayor Brussard. The sheriff asked the deputy is he more important than governor Tibiduex. Once again the deputy replied oh yea he is even more important than govenor Tibiduex. The Sheriff now being extremely confused said "dam boy who the hell you got in that there limosine". The deputy replied I dont know sheriff but he has the pope driving for him.

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