Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

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Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

Post by nerdrocker »

On the Vinyl Collective message board Per a rep from Enjoy the Ride Records: ... __st__5100
I need this! Just not willing to pay this much...

repress coming in 2013, just for approval last week from the label to re-issue. So hold off, working out details now actually

We are working on it assuming that the album of the year re-issue does well then we will look into an affordable copy of the other OOP albums. The re-issue will be 180 gram btw
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Re: Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

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"Album of the Year"
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Re: Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

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how about rec a new one guys .

i bet they are , t-hawk , thats duanes thing , no fantomas , no crudo , no peeing tim , .... i betcha betcha betcha . puffy is the only one that worked , next to fatton .
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Re: Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

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in the meantime, does anyone want to dub the self titled mr bungle album over the movie grease so i can see if it's "all that"?

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Re: Album of the Year being rereleased on vinyl in 2013

Post by Eviltoastman »

Whilst this should have been good news, the label releasing it use Pirates Press who in turn use GZ Digital Media/GZ Vinyl and even though GZ have bought a new vinyl mastering machine (yes, a fucking automated machine...) they still produce barely passable vinyl, so this will likely be piss poor compared to the original.

I've appealed to the label to use Record Industry in Netherlands or United Record Pressing or anyone who might know what the fuck they're doing but I wouldn't hold my breath.

By the way GZ Vinyl manufactured the two Angel Dust bootlegs (Black and Red vinyl) which are masquerading as European copies with the cat# 828 321-1 with gaudy sleeves, no inners and face labels made on Word Perffect 1996. It sounds okay, but the UK original rips it to shreds (mastered by George Peckham).
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