e live at the metropole

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e live at the metropole

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i have been listening to adrian belew "e" live at the metropole in my lil
workspace lately , and i had to tell you how hard "live e" has hit me . i guess
belew wasn't kidding when he said he had written it "with an orchestral
performance in mind" ...

i recorded the broadcasts of "e" live via VPRO radio broadcast from holland
using a pc , but i also have purchased the dvd of "e" live @ the metroploe as
well , which if you haven't checked it out yet i would say you are REALLY
missing out .

the recording i have on my ipod now from the broadcast starts with the live
orchestral version first, then later they play the album version of "e" as well
. the live performance takes "e" to a whole new level . at this point i would
say the live orchestral version just SPANKS the studio rendition . but then
again there are some guitar effects in the studio version that just draw jopped
me and the drumming /bass work /trio feel makes it a total toss up at the same
time so i ... the reality is that they are really two different animals of the
same species , but this is a very rare conundrum .

Not that the studio version is sub-par , at ALL ! to be fair the studio album is
a very different representation . the math ; a drummer and bassist with "old
slink" -VS- a drummer , a bassist , "Hooter J. Johnson" , a second guitarist ,
an orchestra performing a piece that was "transcribed for a live performance' ,
but for the most part , "the same" basic music (heh) . discovering the many
differences between the versions of this piece has proved to be very
entertaining for me as of lately .

on the studio cuts , Julie and Eric are AMAZING , fantastic musicianship , they
consistently impress and keep upping the ante as the piece demands . all of the
guitar "freak out" shctuff is extraordinarily fresh and unique , as adrian
continues to expand the MUSICAL effects, those 'What the f' sounds into further
laugh out loud head-scratcher moments where virtuosity meets technology
producing "alchemical-like" singularities . at some points there are also some
sparse , almost subliminal very unusual synth(?) these things i hear are NOT
present on the live orkest version , not to mention the incredible power groove
feeling you can only obtain from a tight trio giving it 367% . the orkest
version features quite a bit more musicians , each performing at over 100
percent so ...

listening to both versions reveals an interesting contrast , at that point i
actually tried to struggle to keep them from duking it out for superiority in my
conscience . they are both very excellent , very different , intriguing pieces
of music in there own right . lately for some reason this entire piece has
really captured my attention span and it seems to have finally REALLY clicked ,
AGAIN ... this is a first with a recording for me , but this is also a very
unusual extrapolation of a work of art , and i believe it is also very unique
in that right . ie: name another piece that did what "e" did ... ?

so yeah , i am going to be watching the dvd some more , again . it is such a
well put together package , i was moved every time i watched it . consistently
bowled over by the power and timbres of the orchestra playing belews symphony ,
such a technical piece , and the performance is perfect . to hear this guy
tearing it up along side a full arrangement , not just midi stuff , its
something he has been scheming on for too long and he REALLY means business .
you can just see it on everyones face thru the night , something special ,
something very powerful is goin down . i have to say is , at this point ,its my
TOP favorite live music DVD , hands down .

the dvd is excellent , all the way around , the arrangement , the players , the
texture and emotion it provides , the sheer power , it is the height of adrian
belews achievements . there are a few moments where there are orchestral
instruments doing things that you have only ever heard belew make those noises
on his processed guitar , that made me smile! not sure how much tom trapp worked
with him or if he is just a huge fan , but you can hear some woodwinds and other
instruments totally rip off the twang bar king , and i am betting that was the
first time these cats ever played those "notes" in the hall . the musicianship
displayed 1s flawless , the 5.1 mix , and the quality of the video is spot on
top notch , this is a perfect live DVD . Not only that , but it represents this
guys life long dream , the amount of work that went in to it shows .

listening to the audio from the live performance has really helped me to
comprehend this piece on a new level . thats exactly what happened when it as
performed as it was intended , as it was written for the orchestra . one of the
special cd's i use for when i work is "desire caught by the tail" , something
about that album helps me focus/compress time when i am working , certain types
of music , buckethead , melvins , mr bungle , are very difficult to "work to" .
at this point i am able to enjoy this piece in two modes now (actually three
counting the studio cut) watching the dvd , and while i work , listening to the
inspirational live audio disk . where at times, while working i feel i can
actually 'evolve' a little bit , into someone i strive to be , a peaceful ,
efficient human being , doing what i love and thats makes me proud . so i AM
very thankful for rare art like "e" .

i am guessing adrian feels extremely proud that his work had the chance to be
represented in the way it deserved to be experienced , you can see it in his
face many times on the DVD , he looks like he is about to loose it (with joy) ,
i could only imagine ...

hats off to the dutch folk for making this happen , it certainly would be a HUGE
thrill for me to be able to take my family to an event like this in the US . an
orchestra alone would be quite a thrill , but THIS performance , with this
artist ?! i could only imagine actually being there , in the hall for something
as cool as this . so , until then .... we will be enjoying the dvd and the live
cd as well .

sorry to go on and on , but its been a LONG time since i have been as impressed
by anything as much as :


the finished product is just the garbage left over from doing the work.

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Re: e live at the metropole

Post by notHuman »

got it...

just waiting for a good time to give it a listen!

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