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Agua de Valencia

Posted: 16 Mar 2004, 15:02
by Lickerr
this cocktail is great in the summer:

30-60 ml Vodka
Orange juice
Sugar Syrup

Take equal amounts of champagne and orange juice in a jug. Add about 30-60 ml of vodka (according to how strong you want it) and same amount of sugar syrup and stir. Serve in champagne glasses. Both champagne and orange juice should be cold, because no ice is to be added to this cocktail.

which are your fave cocktails?

Re: Agua de Valencia

Posted: 17 Mar 2004, 07:47
by lynnjen/mod/skyr
I like water.

Re: Agua de Valencia

Posted: 17 Mar 2004, 07:53
by Nam Tsao
I like the Dear John.

Re: Agua de Valencia

Posted: 17 Mar 2004, 18:18
by Michelle
i've never tryed mixing champagne and orange juice before
but it sounds really delicious so i will try it for sure.

i havent really got any favorites myself but i did get me a new mixer
so i'm planning on doing some experiments as soon as the weather gets better!


Re: Agua de Valencia

Posted: 23 Mar 2004, 03:20
by emansofly