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hangover food

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Usually I numb the pain by craming as much Taco Bell into my intestions as possible.
That's worked for 20 years but I need a new remedy.

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Re: hangover food

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menudo on sunday. there's a reason it's a weekly holiday.
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Re: hangover food

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authentic mexican , like a good burrito/3 taco's beats taco bell . shit an eggamuffing or three is great in a pinch , but chest pain fart attack for sure . the pro's swear by pedialyte , never tried it , but i am gonna get some soon i swear . avoid high fruckin syrup , and coffee shit too . i had a hangover remedy thing , my buddy bought it for me when i had to drive him to the city . it was like a thick green paste , full of caffeine . i went into the depths of hell on that ride . smoke a hit or two instead , after you eat . also this NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) from gnc is sposda be a miracle cure , so i should prolly try that as well .

my fav hang over food is a gyro , not the sammich , the plate . but you gotta find a decent place that aint too pricey !

if you can find a diner / bowling alley / truck stop for cheap-n-greazy bacon and eggs , or bisquits and gravy with a scramble works well too . whopper jr's / sr's work wonders too , long john silvers fish plate with some hot sauce for sweatin is great . i can be real bad like hat , but if i sweat my ass of workin too hard for like 4 hours by 5 oclock im fine . me ive had 3 day hangovers before , from mixing stuff , and just loosing it totally . ive had too many really really bad ones . i dont think the cigarettes and other shit helps either !

good tip , drink a ton of liquid a half hour before you eat . grapefruit juice is good . no pop though , that is tough to choke down . or you can get some tomato juice in ya for the ride it helps too . cool aid works , but you need antiacid , then you get all farty for 8 hours . a couple a charcoal pills work wonders for that , those things are awesome , they soak up all the bad stuff . take a char cap / eat an anti acid an hour after you eat if you get a gas attack . i think watch out for sugar , that will get you an hour later with a headache , alka seltzer will take some edge off . Tylenol is sposda be best for that , not ibuprofen or aspirin .

a lot of food and a nap , followed by a good long sleep .
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