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Posted: 30 Jun 2009, 19:30
by General Tso s Chicken
we got a grill that has a 2nd tier real close to the top .

i had grilled ribs many times with varying results and after trying this new method all last summer , then again the other day i am amazed how good they are when i do em this way .

we got some pork spare ribs and cut the into 4 inch pieces , maybe 3 bones per chunk .

put 2 cups of hickory chips in water

a lil salt , pepper and a lil garlic powder maybe papreka or cayene for the ribs .

put a good ammount of coals in the front half of the grill , with a tin cake pan (or foil pan) with water , under the top shelf in the back of the grill to catch the drippings .

throw one cup of hickory chips on top of the coals and put the ribs on the top shelf . seal off the grill for a half hour then just crack it a bit on the top and bottom vent.

for the first run here do not open the grill for an hour and a half all together.

now open the grill , put ribs on a platter , add about 20 new chuncks of charcoal and the other cup of wood chips , top off the water in the drip pan , put the ribs back on , but flip em .

seal it off to hold the smoke for a half hour , than crack it for a half hour .

so its been 2 and a half hours the meat should be pulled back exposing 1/4 inch of rib bones . they are ready for sauce . coat and flip every 5 minutes for a half hour . resist the temptation to put them on the fisrt shelf to speed it up . this burns the sauce and the meat dries out in seconds .

i cant tell you how good they are , especially comparing to direct grilling . this smoking method is amazing . tender , and the flavor is unreal . dont use cherry , apple , or specially mesquite . you have to go with hickory . i tried quite a few variations last summer , par boiling , boiling in sauce , 24 hour dry rub , and all combos of the above . the only thing that was good was a 24 hour dry rub , BUT not enough difference to make it worth while at all . just a half hour dry rub while you are getting ready , smoke em tight for 30 (grill sealed)then cracked for 1 hour, no peak . 1:30 flip and add more chips and coals . half hour tight , half hour cracked , then sauce , all on the top rack with a drip pan .

holy crap are they good .

gotto have corn on the cob , maybe tatoe salad , extra points for bisquits and honey .

i will never propane grille at home again , and that top rack is awesome . fuck direct . we have done some corned beefs like this too , amazing !

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Posted: 01 Jul 2009, 12:17
by Mobiesque
I've caught a couple of episodes of The World Barbecue Championships (strangely enough made up entirely of people from Tennessee and Tejas) and it is fucking hilarious. After a little while some serious echolalia sets in and you can slip right into spouting the jargon. They talk about their custom made cast iron boiler / grill / roasting chambers and their 'dry rubs' and their propane injection systems. It's all telecast from an ass-backwards whisky tango filled amphitheatre and has the feel of one of those WCW pay-per-views done at biker 'spring break'. They'll start with the roast chicken event, which ends up with them tearing all the meat off the bird and slapping it all on a plate (yet they still have the audacity of the most self-important TV chefs and use 'plate' as a verb). The most bizarre is the secret seafood round where bikini girls, reminiscent of the flesh-holes that hold up the round cards at the boxing, unveil a fish tank at each contestant's preparation area containing one or another species of bottom feeding bayou fish / crustacean / mollusc that our inbred grill-chiefs have to kill, gut and char the fuck out of. Finally they have to do a rack of ribs, which invariably leads to the commentators (yes, full on NFL style sports commentaries guide you step-by-step through the mindsets of these warriors of meat) erupting in heated discord over the cayenne pepper ratio in their 'bastes'.

It's ripe for mockumentary.

Re: ribs

Posted: 01 Jul 2009, 14:52
by General Tso s Chicken
i gotto check that out !