whats cookin ?
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Author:  ChickenMug [ 17 Aug 2008, 09:23 ]
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i've had abita amber for dinner the last 4 nights

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 28 Aug 2008, 23:49 ]
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spagetti with ground pork meat sauce , salad breadie byes w/butter . dab . spoogett !

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 05 Sep 2008, 18:17 ]
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ooooh ! i got some flat iron steaks , suposed to be a really awesome new cut . i guess they figured out how to remove a tendon that got in the way . they are a real tender super flavored shoulder cut , really tiny little guys . they almost look like chicken fingers .
i brushed up on my grilled steak technique . let em set out till they get room temp . get the gril HOT . dip em in a butter/veg oil/sea salt/ cracked pepper dip , and quik grill em 4 min a side then 5 a side on the top grill . check with themometer and coat with butter for an 8 minute nap , then serve . wow quite a diffrence ! i got some franziskaners too . :grin:

Author:  ChickenMug [ 05 Sep 2008, 19:24 ]
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lasagne, choco mousse for dessert
crawfish etouffee w/ brown rice
spag & meat sauce

before that a ton of pb&j and turkey sammiches

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 06 Sep 2008, 10:28 ]
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can you get fresh live lobstys (crawfish) ? if so what is the "season" for them , how big are they and what do they look like (color , side marking? etc .)oh and how much are they ? ? ?

we are all going to waterfall glen on a lobsty hunt today !


it is a great place . also you can get there by boat off of the river , you go up sawmill creek and the water is clear , all sorts of waterfoul and fish , insects , watersnakes etc .

we will post some pics later .

Author:  ChickenMug [ 06 Sep 2008, 19:26 ]
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crawfish season is april ( :lol: )
and usually around 5ish a pound cooked with taters and corn
a bit less if you want to diy, which i have never done

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 09 Sep 2008, 17:11 ]
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i figured it was in spring , the babys "hatch" on may 18th soo , , , .

id like to find a supplier out here for a diffrent species of lobstys (larger).

have to make some calls in march .

the pet store charges 8-10 bucks for one small lobsty . i t would be nice to get 3-5 large ones for that price .

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 25 Sep 2008, 00:27 ]
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diet time !

chiro wants me to drop some tonnage , since maybe because i am borderline morbidly obese , it might help releive some pressure off my lower back herniated disk / bulging disk .

yesterday , i had a peice of chicken the size of a quarter smothered in rosemary , basil , tyme coriander, 12 baby carrots (premature) , and some rock hard red "new" potato's (coulda fooled me!) with an unusual mixture of spices and shards of lemongrass fennels and cloves . i guess this diet book my wife got from the library figures if the spices are in equal amounts with the dish , you wont feel the need to eat a normal portion . i dont gorge my self , but this portion control is crazy . i hadnt really eaten in 24 hours , so i cooked a frozen pizza 2 hours later and ate 3/4 of it !

today i got to have breakfast , at 6 p.m. after being up since 7 a.m , it was 2 tortillas dried in the oven to the point of razor sharpness , 3 peices of celery that was so tough and sour i think it was actually a mutant strain of rhubahrb , 3 1/2 millimeter shards of red / green pepper and 3 baby carrots , with "dip"
some pink stuff made out of yogurt , cottage cheese , and the stuff the throw on the vomit in grammar school .

dinner was a treat , french dip , roast beef on a wheat roll with some strange tasting sauce and a very sour salad of dandilions , pine needles , and thistle burrs .

i can only picture the portly author of this book laughing his ass off when he came up with this shit . plus its no white bread , flour , sugar etc . i think i have to cut back on the beers as we'll 12 plus german beers ady aint excactly easy on my profile. i mean it would be nice to not have a 75 pound belly to lug around and it is embaressing to attach two belts together to get them to reach . i also had to take the drivers seat out of the volvo cause the steering wheel pressed into my belly too much to steer , i sit in the back now , its a little more roomy .

so as time goes by i will try my darndest to keep on track with my new diet . i really want to slim down for many reasons and apreciate the fact my wife is willing to go to all the extra work of finding recipes and unusual spices / hedge trimmings . i guess i will always have this thread to go back and remember the good old days of butter , beef , bread and beers , and beers , and beers .

oh i forgot to mention , i get one day a week to pig out ! :chicken: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :pork: :king:

Author:  Mary Hinge [ 29 Sep 2008, 02:54 ]
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Petey....serious question; when was the last time you got your cholesterol levels checked?

Author:  General Tso s Chicken [ 08 Oct 2008, 03:27 ]
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my dad died from malpractice at 43 .

i dont fuck with doctors unless i have too , so never .

but your prolly right i should go and get a physical .

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