The Poll to end all polls - Marmite or Vegemite ?

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Which is better - Marmite or Vegemite

Marmite, the ORIGINAL yeast spread
Vegemite, even though it tastes rubbish
Promite cause I like the taste of tar
Total votes: 18

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Re: The Poll to end all polls - Marmite or Vegemite ?

Post by Eviltoastman »

Vegemite is what that lion is licking in Hinge's avatar.
Sharppie is my best friend.

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Re: The Poll to end all polls - Marmite or Vegemite ?

Post by General Tso s Chicken »

i vaguely remember reading an article in the chicago sun times (a news paper , like a magazine with thin pages but no naked guys ) about how vegemite had been imported to the states after the sucksess of that wackstroolikeent bands song "down under" .

it seemed that the men at work had stirred up enough public interest to have that toxic ass paste (vagimoit) shipped over here by the boxful .

the consensus , according to the report , was that the paste was better left were it came from , the hipsters that had succumbed to this temptation were hospitalized and found bleeding from the mouth nose and rectum .

how gay were those guys anyway ? men at "work" , more like men working on other mens lower intestines . the whole flute thing , the super homo erotic lyrics ? if the russians were ever going to invade the states they missed that golden window of opportunity . everyone was coked up , gay aussie music dominating the airwaves , way less embarresing than that whole convoy deal with c.b. mcall .

but i digress , most of your parents were prolly still eating there own boogies , watching rainbow brite and the smurfs when this was going on . these arent the droids you are looking for , move along .
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