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Just saw tool

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Great show. On the way home I ordered a # 9 medium with a coke (which used to be # 2) & 2 hamburgers, a Big Mac & a Crispy chicken sandwich meal Large size with a coke for the wife. They forgot the Big Mac sandwich even though I paid for it. Rascals. Good show and great food. Good night u geriatric slapasses
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Re: Just saw tool

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W Axl Rose wrote:
17 Nov 2019, 01:37
"Just saw tool
If you are indeed W Axl Rose,

wait for it...

You ARE a Tool

Tool is pretty fucking boring, if you really listen close.

Think I'm wrong? Then why TF are you already shifting the entire subject over to Big Macs by the time you hit the third friggin word of this "review"?

I just want you to know that I am employing untold levels...

...of restraint and self-discipline right now.

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