New Trey Spruance interview

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New Trey Spruance interview

Post by W Axl Rose » ... mr-bungle/

Talks Eureeka, Mr B, FNM, Secret Chiefs and mentions that Patton is in a new hardcore band
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Re: New Trey Spruance interview


pretty cool interview. thanks carl!

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Re: New Trey Spruance interview

Post by [][][][][] »

Trey Spruance should be ashamed of himself for leaving the greatest thing that ever happened to him (Mr. Bungle) to make neckbeard cover versions of Bollywood movie songs with his embarrassingly convoluted band.

Mr. Bungle was one of the greatest bands of all-time. He threw it all away. Fuck you, Trey.

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Re: New Trey Spruance interview

Post by SHARPPIE »

I dig the new SC3 track, and I'm pretty interested in hearing Dead Cross. I should probably read that interview....some day.
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