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Pitchfork PANS new Faith No More's Sol Invictus

Posted: 19 May 2015, 19:52
by [][][][][]
"set aside the negligible opening and closing tracks"

"it's hard not to expect more, to wish that they might in some way top themselves, or at least change direction."

"most of the album’s songs follow a similar dramatic pattern"

"many of these songs feel like retreads"

"over the course of the album, especially during later songs like "Black Friday", "Motherfucker", and "Matador", the recycled dynamics begin to lose their force."

"Superhero" and "Separation Anxiety", while enjoyable, bear the signatures of "Epic" and "Midlife Crisis", with their loping piano lines and bloodthirsty rap incantations. Meanwhile, "Black Friday" and "Sunny Side Up" conjure up déjà vu of Patton’s side projects; "Motherfucker" could be a pumped up version of Tomahawk’s "I.O.U"."

"maybe holding something back was the plan all along, and a future Faith No More record will have something more."
They feel this album was an underwhelming, predictable retread and songs like "Back from the Dead" are so forgettable they'll negligible. Will FNM be able to recover from this scathing pan?

Re: Pitchfork PANS new Faith No More's Sol Invictus

Posted: 24 May 2015, 22:32
by Roark
What is the sound of one hipster snorting with derision in the forest?