House of Hayduk - City of Quartz (Billy Gould, Timba)

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House of Hayduk - City of Quartz (Billy Gould, Timba)

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Created and produced by Mads Heldtberg
Mixed by Jim Monti
Mastered by Lupo (Dubplates and Mastering)
House of Hayduk is the brainchild of the Danish/American composer, producer and musician Mads Heldtberg; the idea rooted in the belief that there is a common musical thread shared by both musicians and music fans, that transcends genre, age and aesthetic.

In this spirit, the foundation of the album focuses on 3 generations of players –Bill Gould (FAITH NO MORE), Charles Hayward (THIS HEAT) and Mads Heldtberg (DÜREFÖRSÖG) meeting up and recording in a studio in New York; from there comes deconstructing, reassembling and adding of additional musicians to create four entirely new linear pieces of music.

Drums radiate a sense of power, doom and darkness that is both profoundly human; and as chaotic and unforgiving as a force of nature. Hard driving, monolithic bass that begs to be experienced on a massive sound system. Shards of surgical guitar slice through thick vapor, accompanied by a symphony of exotic percussion. Filtered through a dub-like, hypnotic lens, “City of Quartz” is a a musical indulgence, refined with obsessive detail; this album wasn’t written–it was designed with intent.

THIS ALBUM IS A LIMITED EDITION OF ONLY 500 NUMBERED COPIES…there are no plans to make this available on cd or through iTunes.

and features a series of fantastic players, including: BJ Miller (HEALTH), Peter Peter (SODS), Dean Hurley (David Lynch), Timba Harris (Estradasphere), & Anders Trentemøller
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Re: House of Hayduk - City of Quartz (Billy Gould, Timba)

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Dureforsog had a good song

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