eek, well... I uh... has anyone...

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eek, well... I uh... has anyone...



1987 PG 86 minutes
This campy comedy features zombies, vampires, a dancing mummy and the most rockin' haunted house ever. Two bumbling cops, Buford (Sherman Hemsley) and Benny (Luis Avalos), are sent to investigate the home and evict the inhabitants -- who turn out to be ghosts intent on staying put. As Buford and Benny blunder through the crumbling antebellum mansion, they have close encounters with two sexy specters and the unhappy spirit of a former slave owner.


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Re: eek, well... I uh... has anyone...

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im pretty sure hbk000 has it on vhs beta laser disk and viewmaster . ... railer/112

kind of reminded me of " theres a bat in my house" for some reason .
the finished product is just the garbage left over from doing the work.

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