Men of a Certain Age

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Men of a Certain Age

Post by Mobiesque »

Alright, lets try this again,

Everybody Loves Raymond was cancer and Ray Romano and his writing partner made one of the worst and most popular sit coms of all time.

Now he's made this, on the US TNT network of all places.

Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Baseline Formulaics), Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap) and Andre Brauer (Homicide!, bitches) are middle aged men going through the motions of growing old.

Romano's character is a separated gambling addict who's teen son has inherited his anxiety issues, Bakula's character is a failed actor who refuses to take responsibility for his future and spends his life in one night stands, Brauer's is the son of a car dealer trying to define himself as his own person.

Yes yes, sounds a little wank but there it is not. Blame me, not the guy that made 400 seasons of 'my mother in law is so annoying' jokes. Romano and his long time writing partner (who's name escapes me) have written a show that I personally find moving, without pretension, funny, sad and unique.

Halfway through season 2 at the moment. Your time isn't particularly precious if you've read this, just give it a go.

Namaste, faggots.
'the fuck did I do?

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Re: Men of a Certain Age

Post by Dress Barn »

I actually love "Everybody Loves Raymond"

Especially when his mother sculpts a vagina

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