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good line in a book...

Post by crotchgrabber »

i just started reading the exorcist last night. i found a first edition print for free. pretty stoked about that.
anyway, there's a part when mom walks up the stairs to check on ragen because she hears some noise, the room is super cold, and she reaches down to check for fever and the author drops "her cheek was as smooth as thought."
i don't know, i just kinda liked that line.
so far it's a good read.
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Re: good line in a book...

Post by Mary Hinge »

Razor wrote:Neighbours are outside arguing..."you fucking fuck fuck stupid dumbfuck fucker fuck".
This sounds like you guys.

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Re: good line in a book...


"she sounded like when my mom eats bananas in silent anger"

- taken from david cross' I drink for a reason

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