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Posted: 16 Jan 2007, 15:33
by Eviltoastman
My picks would be:

League of Gentlemen, 24, Jam, One Foot in the Grave, Brass Eye, anything with Michael Palin (loved the Hammershoi thing he did), the Mark Thomas Comedy Project, Vic and Bob (all shows)Prisoner (Cell Block H), pre 1993 Home and Away (Alf is harder than Chuck Norris) and anything involving Gordon Ramsay.

Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 02:09
by Mary Hinge
I was a big Red Dwarf fan before Kachanski replaced Rimmer

Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 02:51
by Mobiesque
The first four seasons of Bad Girls are totally ace.

Posted: 20 Jan 2007, 10:40
by Thunder Beer
Mary Hinge";p="843001 wrote:I was a big Red Dwarf fan before Kachanski replaced Rimmer
I liked Red Dwarf back in the days, but saw it again last year, and thought it was awful...

Posted: 23 Jan 2007, 12:06
by Dress Barn
I'm desperately yearning for all 13 seasons of "Hee Haw" on DVD

it's $200 :sad:

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 14:32
by the great below
:o";p="841140 wrote:I hated the last season! Thought it was awful! Although there were a couple of really good episodes near the very end that almost made up for it. I'm sorry to say that I even thought the montage at the end of the finale was goofy. Actually, it made me giggle.
You're not alone, I thought that too. Most emotional season finale I remember seeing was Mark Greene's death in ER.
Sopranos Excellent, Deadwood Never really seen it, Entourage Don't know, Six Feet Under Depressing last season, Lost Don't like it, Prison Break Good, The Shield Brilliant, The Wire Never seen it, The Office Good, Curb Don't know it, Extras Never seen it, Seinfeld Went on for too long, seasons 7 and 8 were basically shit, 9 picked up the pace again, Simpsons Still the reference in animated shows, been a little shit lately, Futurama Went all mushy in the final season, otherwise good, one of the best characters ever called Bender, Oz Looks dated now, Trailer Park Boys Good, Dexter Never seen it, Band of Brothers Surprisingly good, Twin Peaks Awesome first season and start of season two, hated the later story arcs, Lonesome Dove Don't know it, Carnivale Never really seen it, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Angels in America, Family Business, Ali G show, Taken, Riget, Tenacious D Never seen these, except Ali G which was OK

Posted: 27 Jan 2007, 14:34
by the great below
:o";p="841867 wrote:Full House??
I'll raise you a "Who's the Boss?" back-to-back with "Alf" AND "Growing Pains"!

*Annihilates the intrenetz*

Posted: 31 Jan 2007, 16:17
by judasmuppet