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breaking news!!!

Posted: 23 Feb 2007, 15:20
by ChickenMug
i'm moving to cape cod.
it's official

Heather --

You OK? I miss your lists (and the occasional verbal joust).

Hope you're well.

-- Bill O'Neill
Cape Cod Times

i can no longer deny the fire that
burns inside me

Posted: 23 Feb 2007, 15:59
by Eviltoastman

Posted: 26 Feb 2007, 12:30
by ChickenMug
it's like i'm rubbing it in your face, aren't i?

Posted: 03 Mar 2007, 18:05
by Dress Barn
He should rinse and spit...

Posted: 21 Mar 2007, 10:02
by the great below
Bill is just feeling lonely.

Posted: 30 Mar 2007, 02:16
by fatDmass help me christ if I'm ever a mod of this forum

Posted: 30 Mar 2007, 12:35
by ChickenMug
the great below";p="856862 wrote:Bill is just feeling lonely.

you have no idea of the love we share!!!!!!

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 13:28
by the great below
Girl, a man needs some sugar every now and then, or else he gonna get it elsewhere, k?