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i'm so proud!

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 12:50
by ChickenMug
Sent by: "Oneill, Bill" <>
To: "'Heather S Chance'" <>
Subject: RE: Turkey leftovers

I knew I could count on you for a good entry.

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours.

Be sure to bring your Five on Friday mug, in case you want to take home some
spare gravy.

-- Bill O

-----Original Message-----
From: Heather S Chance []
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 12:23 PM
Subject: Turkey leftovers

Holy wow! This is going to be a good one!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Bill. And don't eat too much. At least,
not so much that you need to loosen the ole belt.

We decided to compile our lists this time.
For maximum effectiveness and shock value.

1. Turkey salad.
2. Mashed potatoes and shredded turkey bikini.
3. Turkey a la mode.
4. Wearing turkey carcass as a headress and scaring your 90 year old aunt.
5. Embellishing manhood with turkey leg.
- The NeuroMedical Center Psychology Dept.
10101 Park Rowe Ave, baton Rouge, LA, 70810

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 12:59
by Ruby Juice

*dies a little*

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 13:05
by Ruby Juice
You cheat, you send yours to his personal e-mail!
Not the 5 on friday!
Damn you!

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 13:24
by ChickenMug
his personal email...well,
that's not even the TIP of the iceberg
as far as what we've shared together

::puffs out chest::

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 14:22
by Grotocult
Is 'Bone Ill' his gangsta name?

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 14:39
by ChickenMug
he is pretty hardcore
and i'm not just talking about his personality

notice how he mentions GRAVY in the email shaina?

fuck yeah

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 14:47
by Hank
Bone Ill is my nigga.

This thread makes me very jealous. I need to start hitting on Bill more.

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 15:22
by ChickenMug
HankMcCain";p="827668 wrote:Bone Ill is my nigga.

This thread makes me very jealous. I need to start hitting on Bill more.

back off bitch!
he's mine!

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 15:41
by Hank
talk to the hand.

Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 16:12
by ChickenMug
3 snaps in Z formation