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I made a thing

Posted: 07 Jun 2007, 18:46
by Jeff

Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 11:42
by ChickenMug
i think that's the best part
the juxtaposition between light and dark
shadows vs brightness

it creates silhouettes in sharp contrast to the rest of the image

i dig it

Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 11:45
by Dress Barn
The top parts cool

I wish the bottom silloettes (sp) were more interesting

Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 15:45
by Ruby Juice
Did you people's click the link

and look at all the others?

I did!

I want bonus points.

Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 18:04
by Jeff
Uhh, yeah, there's 93 other photos... maybe I didn't make that clear...

Posted: 09 Jun 2007, 18:14
by Jeff

Posted: 11 Jun 2007, 17:26
by Dress Barn
I love this one