NOFX @ the Filmore in San Francisco, CA Setlist 1/21/12

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NOFX @ the Filmore in San Francisco, CA Setlist 1/21/12

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Dinosaurs Will Die
Murder the Government
I'm Telling Tim
(aborted when Eric Melvin jumps off stage to punch someone in the audience)
I'm Telling Tim
It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite
Leaving Jesusland
Totally Fucked
Eat the Meek
Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
(with Karina Denike)
Fuck The Kids II
Wore Out the Soles of My Party Boots
The Moron Brothers
Arming the Proletariat With Potato Guns
(Me and Eric Melvin switch instruments)
Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
The Malachi Crunch
The Separation of Church and Skate


(Fat Mike and Smelly with acoustic guitar, bass, and violin players from Old Man Markley)
Stickin' in My Eye
Don't Call Me White
I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
Fuck the Kids I
Kill All The White Man

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