i have (2) tickets to the San Fran show to sell/trade

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i have (2) tickets to the San Fran show to sell/trade

Post by Hyde »

hey gang - i'll be posting on Reddit as well. i got 4 tickets to the San Fran show and 2 are available. haven't decided if i wanna sell the two seats or two gen admissions.

anyway - what i would prefer is to trade for a decent and safe place to stay or if someone has an airfare hookup for a reduced plane ticket - that'd be cool. just trying to save money any way i can. it's just me and my best friend coming. we have to travel from nebraska and don't know anyone there and from the news it seems like San Fran is a bum shithole. i've only been once and that was 15 years ago.

pm me if interested..
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Re: i have (2) tickets to the San Fran show to sell/trade

Post by Tangento »

Dude, which show? The 8th or the 13th?

The 13th is my mutha f-ing birthday, and due to having endured a long, excruciating cycle of extremely unfortunate incidents, bad timing and mishaps, I've never seen this, my favorite fucking band on Earth, live.

Work with me here, I'm trying to figure out a way to make this happen all the way from Minne fucking sota. :curse:
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