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Author:  :o [ 25 Apr 2005, 01:31 ]
Post subject:  FTP

I just wanted to do this once as a sticky, because I get asked about it a lot: is an anonymous FTP site featuring live/rare audio and video of various artists including Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Secret Chiefs 3, John Zorn, Hella, Charming Hostess, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat Trio, Dieselhed, Dengue Fever, and others.

YES, it really is anonymous. If you use Internet Explorer to connect, you may be asked for a login & password when the site is full (20 users). There is no login, and you should simply try again a few seconds later.

The best way to connect is to use an FTP client such as Smart FTP (Windows), BulletProof FTP (Windows), CuteFTP (Windows), Fetch (Mac), or Transmit (Mac). FTP clients work well because they can be set up to try to connect automatically every few seconds when the site is full, and because they allow you to queue multiple files for download so you don't need to click-and-save them one at a time. They also make uploading easier.

Once you connect to the site, you will find the available files in the /pub directory. Uploads can be made to /incoming. Files in /incoming are not downloadable until they have been approved and moved to /pub. This usually doesn't take long, and is necessary to prevent bandwidth problems.

I think that covers it. If anyone else wants to post about FTP sites here, feel free.

Author:  Dharmakaya [ 11 May 2005, 19:34 ]
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Please post a statement when the ftp site is back up.


Author:  :o [ 11 May 2005, 19:48 ]
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It is, as of May 9th.

Author:  Dharmakaya [ 13 May 2005, 21:28 ]
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:o\";p=\"519984 wrote:
It is, as of May 9th.

I still get 'Page can not be displayed', can it no longer be accessed via the browser?

Author:  ELMO [ 14 May 2005, 04:42 ]
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Author:  :o [ 14 May 2005, 11:02 ]
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Yes, it workie, and yes, it can be accessed via a web browser.

Author:  ELMO [ 14 May 2005, 19:58 ]
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oh i sorry it does workie..... :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

Author:  Mr Bungle [ 06 Aug 2005, 19:47 ]
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How come everytime I try to download a file from I get Error 550?
Do I need a password or so?

Author:  joey5001 [ 06 Aug 2005, 20:08 ]
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I think theres a problem with it at the moment because I cant download from there, but I could before :cry: :???:

Author:  Mr Bungle [ 06 Aug 2005, 20:49 ]
Post subject: 

Me too, and the same with

Author:  Smeagol [ 08 Aug 2005, 09:46 ]
Post subject: 

Are you guys using a FTP software?

Author:  joey5001 [ 08 Aug 2005, 09:49 ]
Post subject: 

No, I didnt use it before and it was ok, should i get some?

Author:  Smeagol [ 08 Aug 2005, 10:04 ]
Post subject: 

I guess, it usually helps.....

This is the one I use.....

Author:  joey5001 [ 08 Aug 2005, 10:06 ]
Post subject: 

Ok thanks man :biggrin:

Author:  Smeagol [ 08 Aug 2005, 11:09 ]
Post subject: 

You're welcome :D

Author:  :o [ 09 Aug 2005, 21:47 ]
Post subject: 

Try it now, ladies!

Author:  Mr Bungle [ 10 Aug 2005, 05:35 ]
Post subject: 

Thnx, it's working again.

Author:  vendetta [ 11 Sep 2005, 20:47 ]
Post subject: 

i dont seem to be able to acess the ftp site just now ? about a month ago it was fine and got some ace shows off there . now tho i cant get on at all - but is still working fine . is it down Just now ? cheers for the help

Author:  Simply_Beautiful [ 14 Sep 2005, 09:39 ]
Post subject: 

Just a question, i have downloaded that programme smartftp. Is
this programme legal?

Author:  Smeagol [ 14 Sep 2005, 11:00 ]
Post subject: 

Yes, I guess... did you get it from their website?

Author:  Simply_Beautiful [ 14 Sep 2005, 14:47 ]
Post subject: 

Yes, i did. :D I found out it's save to work with.

Author:  sekshinwun [ 22 Sep 2005, 09:46 ]
Post subject: 

Whats with the bizarre file extensions on these ftp files-

what software can utilise this?

can someone explain this...pleeease :biggrin:

Author:  gruvismalt [ 13 Oct 2005, 13:50 ]
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flac is like an mp3. you need a flac player or a flac converter to listen to them

Author:  meatpan [ 13 Oct 2005, 17:46 ]
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Author:  Love Removal Masheen [ 13 Oct 2005, 17:47 ]
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flac is like an mp3. you need a flac player or a flac converter to listen to them

I could not disagree more! Sure you can flac a mp3 but why????

just download the plug-in to burn or get flac and decode to .wav

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