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Author:  lol-o-caust [ 30 Aug 2006, 06:56 ]
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Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 August 2006, 11:33 GMT 12:33 UK

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Lee 'set to leave Spurs for Roma'

Lee has made 34 appearances for Spurs
Tottenham full-back Lee Young-Pyo is set to move to Italian side Roma, according to the South Korea international's agent.
Lee, 29, joined from PSV Eindhoven last August for an undisclosed fee and has made 34 appearances for Spurs.

"Tottenham and AS Roma have agreed in principle to the transfer of Lee Young-Pyo," Chin Sung-Won told the Yonhap news agency.

"We are in talks with Roma on detailed contract terms."

Lee, who played at the 2002 and 2006 World Cups, spent three years at PSV where he followed his former national team manager Guus Hiddink.

"You can consider the deal as almost sealed, as the only remaining procedure is the player's decision," added his agent.

Roma are looking for a left-back as a replacement for Argentina international Leandro Cufre, who joined Monaco on Tuesday.

FFS why are we selling all our full backs and buying more strikers and midfielders??? Are we going from a stable 4-4-2 to a mental 2-4-4 or something???


Author:  Theo [ 30 Aug 2006, 09:30 ]
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we could be selling you guys kewell as your long awaited replacement for anderton on the treatment table...

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 30 Aug 2006, 09:40 ]
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Author:  toodles [ 30 Aug 2006, 12:45 ]
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i wont be too upset if lee leaves, he never really lived upto his billing, we still have ekotto and ziegler as cover on the left, lets just hope we sign a right full back soon.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 30 Aug 2006, 12:49 ]
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Wanna by a darkee off us? He usually plays left back but I'm sure the cunt will adapt.

Author:  toodles [ 30 Aug 2006, 12:59 ]
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hahahahaha nah you guys keep him. unless you fancy swapping for salteri :grin:

looks like lee is staying as he has rejected roma. oh well

Author:  judasmuppet [ 30 Aug 2006, 18:23 ]
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Is it some sort of ongoing gag that Spurs are linked with every fucking transfer rumour mentioned?

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 31 Aug 2006, 03:29 ]
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Yeah, my mum told me she was selling me to them last week.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 31 Aug 2006, 11:03 ]
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I hope Spurs buy Michael Carrick.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 31 Aug 2006, 23:48 ]
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Tottenham have always been the rumour-heavy club, because they're one of the biggest clubs in England who always underperform. After a slow start to a season, every player and his dog is linked to them. We've had a very slow start.

Now we've got Chimbonda and Malbranque. Steed I'm happy with but Pascy and his little temperament could be a worry. At least we got Mido back. I still love that man.

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 01 Sep 2006, 06:56 ]
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I'm happy with Chimbonda, he wanted a bigger club and should do fine.

Better than Paul "Shanghai eyebrows, but Canadian" Stalterrible.

Author:  toodles [ 02 Sep 2006, 02:53 ]
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im just a bit dicked off about steed being out for 10 weeks, for some reason i see another routledge situation happening, but chimbonda and mido :biggrin:

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 02 Oct 2006, 06:12 ]
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Ok, Chimbonda is average, striker rotation is killing us, Ghaly is abysmal and Zakora is a cheat.

How the hell:

a ) did we fail to get results so far given the amount of chances we can create?
b ) did we win yesterday with such piss poor players as mentioned above?


a ) Jenas. Barn door. Mido short of match fitness.
b ) Berbatov obstructed for the first goal, Zakora dived for the second.

Shame because Zakora looks like a decent holding midfielder. Defoe has got to be first pick, so has Keane. Berbatov is unproven and Mido should be a backup.

FFS Jol, stick with a winning eleven!

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 02 Oct 2006, 11:49 ]
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Christ man, have some heart you're having to play with the pressure of a crammed fixture list now you have Champion's League games as well.

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 02 Oct 2006, 14:44 ]
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Author:  Don Eduardo [ 08 Nov 2006, 02:38 ]
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I've been away and expected to see some kind of response to this:


Author:  lol-o-caust [ 08 Nov 2006, 04:45 ]
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What? Martin Jol's funky ballet?

Author:  Rick Cave [ 08 Nov 2006, 10:54 ]
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He looks like some suburban dad who just mowed his lawn and is real happy about it.

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 09 Nov 2006, 05:11 ]
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Author:  Don Eduardo [ 10 Nov 2006, 23:38 ]
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Superb form, Rick.

Author:  Rick Cave [ 10 Nov 2006, 23:40 ]
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You two are nothing short of gentlemen.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 11 Nov 2006, 02:45 ]
Post subject: 

Wait, I do not understand that sentence. Are you calling them short?

Author:  Rick Cave [ 11 Nov 2006, 02:47 ]
Post subject: 

English is our second language, Nam.

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 11 Nov 2006, 04:14 ]
Post subject: 

Same there.
And here.

In fact, we lack real Englishers here aye?

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 11 Nov 2006, 04:30 ]
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Keep it up men! Soon we'll get this dead horse flogged to two pages!

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