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Author:  Mr John [ 06 Feb 2009, 17:11 ]
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I'd love to go back in time a year and tell myself that Keane and Chimbonda are making their debuts against Arsenal in February 2009, but Defoe is injured.

I'd think I was mental.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 06 Feb 2009, 17:37 ]
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'Arry's getting the band back together. I love it.

Where's Noe Pamarot and Helder Postiga, damn it?

Author:  Rick Cave [ 06 Feb 2009, 21:54 ]
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Arshavin is going to be on the subs bench!

Author:  Mr John [ 07 Feb 2009, 08:52 ]
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Yeah, but we've got Lineker, Waddle, Gazza and Klinnsman returning.

God I hope we don't get Erik Thorsvedt back in goal though.

Author:  Nam Tsao [ 07 Feb 2009, 10:43 ]
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I hope he gets Robinson back. We could do with the help.

Author:  Mr John [ 08 Feb 2009, 07:41 ]
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Let's get that striker who scored on his debut in 1992. What was his name? Oh yeah, Sol Campbell.

Author:  Mr John [ 09 Feb 2009, 08:08 ]
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So, who's stupider: Eboue, or Essou-Ekottu (sp?). Can we think of anyone esle with the initials EE? It might be a sign of dumbtitude. We should kill them at birth.

At least Eboue has a proper haircut and can attack. What a shoddy performance from most of Spurs yesterday. And I'm done with Modric, he just fucks up our formation.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 10 Feb 2009, 07:30 ]
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Palacios looked like he cared. Somebody better beat that out of him, quicksmart.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 04 Mar 2009, 23:10 ]
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Funny what happens when a proven twenty-goal-a-season striker is played in his preferred position, eh Rafa? Nine points to go, says The Twitch.

Author:  Mr John [ 06 Mar 2009, 08:18 ]
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Lennon's on form.
Stuck him in my Fantasy Team.
16 points.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 06 Mar 2009, 10:19 ]
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Yeah, good call.

I was tempted. But having he and Modric in my side together was tempting fate, I thought. Here's to a hopeful Shredding Of Sunderland on the weekend for both real and fantasy purposes.

Author:  Mr John [ 09 Mar 2009, 08:38 ]
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Never going to get 3 points there - lucky to scrape one.

The mackems are on good form, especially at home. Keano brought home the money though.

Players Mr John misses the form of, then picks the week they stop playing: # 34667 Robin Van Persie.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 22 Mar 2009, 00:31 ]
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Top half of the table now after Modric ripped Chelsea apart. This season is ridiculous.

Author:  Mr John [ 23 Mar 2009, 08:14 ]
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Modric drifting in from the left seems to work well, but leaves Essou-Ekoto (whatever) exposed and I don't rate him...

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 23 Mar 2009, 14:04 ]
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Thanks for destroying our Immediate competition recently.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 23 Mar 2009, 21:40 ]
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Ekotto's been really handy. I've not liked him over the journey, but credit where it's due. He played well on the Cron in the Cup Final and kept Milner completely out of the game last week. Palacios's introduction is a factor, though. His covering for Modric when he goes walksies from the left has been really important.

On a side note, have a look at Newcastle's remaining fixtures. The dream is alive!

Author:  Mr John [ 25 Mar 2009, 07:48 ]
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Is now a good time to confessing to sneaking up behind Joe Kinnear and shouting "boo!"?


Author:  Eviltoastman [ 25 Mar 2009, 08:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: General Yid Chat

Author:  Rick Cave [ 02 Apr 2009, 22:43 ]
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Think about it.

Author:  Mr John [ 05 Apr 2009, 04:21 ]
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Yes thanks for all your hard working mistakes, now fuck off in the summer please:



Author:  Mr John [ 21 Apr 2009, 07:24 ]
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God dammit.
Pav still gets the odd goal and Hud was spraying the ball around for fun this weekend.

He can't run for shit though and turning isn't his strong suit. QE2 comparisons still abound. Defoe back is good, but he and Keane doesn't really work!

2 years of striking combos and nothing has changed! In fact, we've gone back to where we were! Argh!

1 big striker
1 youth/secondary striker as backup (Campbell works for me)

Bin Pav and Bent for a big striker I reckon, teach Lennon how to cross and nick Jonas from Newcastle for the left.
Fuck off:


Author:  Don Eduardo [ 18 May 2009, 01:59 ]
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Looks like Pav has as good as packed his bags after storming down the tunnel after being subbed. Where do we find these idiots? Ghaly, Chimbonda and now this guy. Bentley's gorn as well.

Gutierrez has been ok, I guess, but I don't want him until he's been elsewhere for a year or two and get that Geordie stink off. Someone like Capel would be better, but we all know it's going to be offer after offer for bloody Downing over the summer anyway. I've pretty much resigned myself to it.

I still love watching Huddlestone play. Sorry.

Anyway, if you'd told me we'd finish eighth in the League in December I'd have laughed in your face.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 09 Aug 2009, 08:41 ]
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So apparently Danny Rose has been ripping it up in preseason and may well offer an option for that cursed left-wing position. Thank God we dodged the Downing bullet. Maybe we could look at Adam Jonhson in January if he's had a good few months down in the Fizzy League.

Naughton seems like a good buy, and Bassong should help fill the weeks when Woodgate and King aren't fit. Hell, he even made a spot in my all-conquering fantasy bench last season (not many clean sheets at Newcastle for some reason).

Gunter and Giovani don't seem to be in Redknapp's plans. Nor Pav or Bentley. God knows what we're going to do with that deadweight. Chimbonda needs to be shot and his corpse traded. Selling Hutton to Everton would be a massive mistake, but thankfully those reports have seemed to have died off.

Seeing the defensive injuries to both teams, the Tottenham-'Pool game next Sunday should be an absolute goalfest.

Author:  Mr John [ 10 Aug 2009, 07:03 ]
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Am annoyed we keep loaning players out who have potential - Taarabt and Livermore. 'Arry could do worse than to trust in youth in Midfield.

As for Hud - yes, he can spray it around accurately, but if you notice, he often does that diagonal chip to the wings and who the fuck are our winger(s*) going to cross to? Big issue last year, lots of creative build up play, lack of cutting edge in the last third. Maybe Crouch might get on the end of something now, but it remains to be seen. As it stands, we still have no idea what our best 11 is, new signings or not.

I'd like to see a 4-4-1-1 with a midfield of:

Lennon - Palacios - Jenas/Livermore/maybe Hud - Left winger? Rose you say?
Then Modric in that classic Spurs creative role, behind an out and out striker. In his absence, Taraabt could be awesome if he gets a chance to play there. He came on as an impact sub several times last year, Keane can play off a main striker too, if it doesn't work, stick a proper forward on and go 4-4-2.

I think this would work with Pav if he stays - he was used to Arshavin sliding the ball through to him in Russia (Spurs should have got both of them IMO), which Modric could do. Lennon and LW supplying crosses. Take Pav off and stick Crouch in there to get on the end of those if the wings are the best supply lines and Pav isn't getting any joy. If not, Keane can play that role and Defoe is good when he gets the ball to feet, replace Lennon with Jenas or a youngster in a right midfield role.

Right now we're cluttered up front. Keane and Defoe must be furious that Crouch has come in, unless he himself is happy to play a bit part.

*Lennon is our own genuine winger - anyone else drifting out there is a full back who is going to leave gaps behind him, or a centralised attacker out of position (Modric, Keane)

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 13 Aug 2009, 05:51 ]
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Our striking options are probably too strong to play a 4-4-1-1. With Defoe's preseason form to go with the fact that Redknapp's going to be playing Robocrouch no matter what, our strongest lineup is probably going to be a 4-4-2. We all saw how much better we were when Modric had two forwards in front of him to work with at the end of last season. It also gave Assou-Ekotto room on the flank to have his best season by a mile. Palacios has shown he's good enough to cover for the fullbacks bombing forward, so let 'em go.

I have a better idea of our best eleven this season than I did last, for what it's worth. That left flank is the only problem. I reckon Redknapp is going to go the way he ended last season with Modric on the left in the free-role and Jenas running up and down the pitch without touching it. If a better option presents itself due to potential signings or whatever Modric will be definitely pushed into a more central role.

Corluka Woodgate King Assou-Ekotto
Lennon Palacios Jenas/THudd Modric
Crouch Defoe/Keane

Rose was a teenage signing from Leeds from memory. All the obvious comparisons with Lennon will be thrown around but all I want is for the kid to be able to cross the thing. I have big hopes for Bostock to make progress as well. We need academy players to step up now more than ever due to the inflated transfer market thanks to Madrid and Citeh. A more Wenger approach, with the sheer stubbornness turned down a notch or two.

For the sake of mentioning it, Livermore's been loaned out to the very strong (apparently) Derby. So your nightmares of seeing Jenas and Huddlestone run around are still alive. I'm fine with this, since we've scrapped our reserve side for the season. Better to give the kids regular games down in the Championship.

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