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Author:  judasmuppet [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:13 ]
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I think it's giving me headaches, too.

Author:  Rick Cave [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:17 ]
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Movement is OK.
But flashing is a no go with me.
Asparagus makes them right.
Slow and steady movement. No one gets ill from his avatars.

Mine made mini Bex laugh.
I'd hate to see what flashing Toure would do to him.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:31 ]
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What are you trying to say, Rick?

Author:  Rick Cave [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:34 ]
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I say I love your avatar, friend.
I feel empowered each time I look at it.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:37 ]
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Sorry, friend.
I haven't seen a q-tip in a while.
I thought you were saying something else.

Author:  Rick Cave [ 14 Nov 2007, 23:46 ]
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I just watched the Toby in Las Vegas video.
I'm not sure about anything anymore.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 15 Nov 2007, 00:08 ]
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Hrn. Needs a little bit of vomit, methinks.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 15 Nov 2007, 03:00 ]
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That flashy stuff really was annoying.

I've never been happier to see an Arsenal avatar before.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 21 Dec 2007, 21:21 ]
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Haven't organised anything for tonight. Considering we only have one central defender fit or not suspended, who happens to be Younes Krapoul, I'm not prepared for anyone I know to witness my inevitable plunge into abyssal despair.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 22 Dec 2007, 19:11 ]
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Wise decision.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 29 Dec 2007, 12:12 ]
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Tonight I watched one of the greatest Premier League matches ever. I left a mate's Buck's Night early to make it.

1-1 at halftime, I lazily waltzed upstairs to change clothes and threw on my Tottenham shirt.

Did I know such a move would prepare myself for 8 second half goals? I fucken wish.

Berbatov slotted a lazy four. Spurs look stunning. I need to go to bed.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 29 Dec 2007, 12:34 ]
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So there was mindless football abound and absolutely no tactics, suspense, intelligence or defence to speak of? Sounds a bit boring. I'd have left after four.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 29 Dec 2007, 12:38 ]
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Sounds like you should be watching Serie A or that tripe from Scotland.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 29 Dec 2007, 13:17 ]
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I watch Italian football and Spanish and South American when I can. 9/10ths of the Premiership teams play insipid football. Only worth watching Manu and Arsenal and occasionally Portsmouth.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 29 Dec 2007, 13:29 ]
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Portsmouth play dire counterattacking crap. Their recent home form shows that. When they have to force the play nothing happens. Yawnfests galore.

If you can't see a 10 goal game for the enjoyment it entails, then it's bad luck for you. It feels like you argue with people simply because you have nothing better to do. Whatever. Be the stock-standard bungelfever miser.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 29 Dec 2007, 19:37 ]
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There was a funny bit in the SMH actual paper yesterday about how rubbish defending, and the consequent end-to-end attacking football (following the 5-4 Sydney vs Mariners game), will help football to prosper in Australia. I can't find it online, but it was pretty funny.

Spurs have had lousy defending all season, but lots of goals = good.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 30 Dec 2007, 00:35 ]
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Doesn't surprise me. That was a pretty good match (notably Santalab's goal), but some of the finishing last night from Berbatov and co. was simply sublime.

There's a difference between having lousy defending and having no defenders fit, mind you. Possibly the major reason all those goals rained in was King had to be substituted off early in the second half because he really shouldn't be playing. There's just no alternative at the moment with Dawson, Rocha and Gardner all out, and even the temporary stopgap Zokora suspended. Kaboul's looked a lot better over the last month, although he's still prone to giving it away cheaply trying to over-ambitiously play killer balls through the midfield.

He's just had no help.

Oh, and I still stick by my drunken tirade regarding Pompey. They are woeful, and it'll be interesting to see what happens to them when they lose Muntari, Benjani, Utaka and Bouba Diop next month.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 30 Dec 2007, 02:18 ]
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Cracking game. Was like a porn film with nothing but cum shots.

Author:  Rick Cave [ 02 Jan 2008, 14:08 ]
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Sounds like Berbatov is on his way out.
But you could probably buy a new defense for the cash he brings in.

Author:  Mr John [ 02 Jan 2008, 16:20 ]
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Author:  Rick Cave [ 02 Jan 2008, 17:16 ]
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There there, John.
You've still got huge feet and a lovely set of bongos.

Author:  Don Eduardo [ 03 Jan 2008, 03:30 ]
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When there's more than money-grubbing agents trying to stir up the newspapers I'd be happy to give the Berbatov thing more credit. Good players in struggling teams are always subjects of this during January. Newcastle, of course, is immune. I admit Chelsea particularly need strikers desperately, though.

Or perhaps my good mood can't be dampened considering Liverpool basically threw away all hope they had for the Prem over the Christmas period.

Author:  judasmuppet [ 03 Jan 2008, 04:36 ]
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...and have a bunch of wolves at their heels ready to claim a stake on that CL berth.

Author:  lol-o-caust [ 03 Jan 2008, 11:22 ]
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Oh god yes please, anything for a bit of variety.

English football is getting predictable.

Author:  Eviltoastman [ 03 Jan 2008, 13:36 ]
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If I were Alex, I wouldn't touch Berbatov. The fucker has no spine.

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