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Posted: 22 Jun 2007, 23:16
by Rick Cave
Shit! I should have said that in Yiddish, yeah?

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 02:20
by judasmuppet
Mr John";p="882581 wrote:20m for Bent?
Piss off.
£16.5 then? With six years to earn his keep?

That should be enough for Charlton to reinstate their women's team.

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 07:12
by Mr John

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 10:58
by Eviltoastman
Tottenham's new striker is a fucking wait....Tottenham's new striker is a friggin' poof...shit...bear with me I'll get it right...Tottenham's new number 9 is Bent!



Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 11:07
by judasmuppet

Posted: 29 Jun 2007, 11:24
by lol-o-caust

Posted: 30 Jun 2007, 03:27
by Don Eduardo
Saw this thread bumped and I thought Berbatov had gone. Give me the heads up when that happens. Ciao.

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 07:27
by Redundant Retard
I got a bad feeling about Tottenham today. I think they might get trouble against Sunderland. Not that I really care.

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 13:36
by Don Eduardo
Typical Spurs off to a flyer. Seriously when is someone going to buy a bloody left winger?

Posted: 11 Aug 2007, 17:39
by Redundant Retard
I knew it! Haha. And Leeds wins. I'm happy today. :D

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 00:52
by Don Eduardo
When Jenas gets shot, I'm heading straight to London for the parade.

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 06:58
by Mr John
Jenas? Jenas is fine! Bin fucking Malbranque, he's not a left winger and couldn't cover for Stalteri at all!

But swapping dynamo Zakora for fatty Huddlestone was a bit of a piss take!

Posted: 14 Aug 2007, 18:58
by Don Eduardo
This is the first time in a long while I've seen a Spurs supporter defending Jenas. How many games have you seen where you've nearly completely forgotten he's on the field? The two games of the season thus far have been wholly representative of his Spurs career. He's playing at the centre of midfield, a position all the top four clubs obviously see as maybe a tad important, but never shows any creativity other than his typical tucking the ball under his foot before realising it's off with the opposition. He simply has no effect upon games, even the 6-8 games where he bobs up out of nowhere and scores.

Malbranque, going on the the game against Sunderland, saw a lot of the ball (particularly in the first half), and at least seemed to be having a go. You rightly admit he was playing out of his preferred position, and the fact that he can't cover for someone who should never be sitting at left-back isn't really a justifiable criticism of him. I'm sure Bale will come straight into the left-wing spot as soon as he's fit, and I'm equally sure to not have any faith in him.

With all these injuries and players forced out of position, the likes of Taarabt not getting a run defies belief.

Posted: 16 Aug 2007, 09:30
by judasmuppet
More Robbo funnies for you:
Robbo wrote:Then there's Spurs. Jol's job is on the line apparently. Ridiculous. He just needs a bloke who can tackle. To me, Jenas sums up what's wong with Spurs. Artistic impression 5.9, Effectiveness 0.2.

Posted: 20 Aug 2007, 00:56
by Don Eduardo
Much better look to the team when a left back is fit, even if it is Lee. I really hope these rumours of bringing in Matty Taylor come good soon, because the this Man U game is going to be a bastard. They're going to be out for blood.

Gardner and Rocha better be watching what Sven City did last night. Micah Richards just gained about 15mill in value on the transfer market in one game.

Posted: 21 Aug 2007, 07:17
by Don Eduardo
I see even the non-tabloidy papers are dead certain that Jol is gone by the end of the week for that Sevilla guy. Fucking Spurs.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 10:46
by judasmuppet
Spurs are taking the piss with that canary yellow kit they've got Robinson dressed up in.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 12:18
by Don Eduardo
Should have scored two at least. They only had one proper shot all day, and looked absolutely terrible in the final third. God I hope one day to see Spurs get a win over those fucks.

Bale looks amazing. We finally had width on the left. Berbatov was getting close to his form of last season in that second half.

Felt like that Pedro Mendes game all over again. So frustrating.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 12:54
by judasmuppet
Bale sure does look useful. Poor Berbie.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 13:06
by Eviltoastman
Teves scored a cracker from Nani's wonderful cross :giggle:

Bale is just like SWP and Walcott, all engine and nothing else )OK, Walcott can sometimes finish). As long as they run in a straight line and a chaperone is greeting them at the end to take the ball off them, they're okay. Woeful players that get applauded just because they can run fast with the ball.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 13:16
by Don Eduardo
I'm going to continue believing that there is more to Bale's game than that. I'm pretty sure he took all the free kicks and corners, and didn't waste any. That ball on to Rocha's fat head should've been fucking in. Argh.

Posted: 26 Aug 2007, 15:17
by Eviltoastman
His crosses and corners were flat and very disappointing. It's not a good cross if it fails to get past the first defender at near post. He o0nly managed it once out six or seven. Bale is above average at striking a dead ball, however above average doesn't cut it in the top four. his crossing ability and his square ball seem very haphazard. He's far from top four standard but will get there with decent coaching.

Posted: 27 Aug 2007, 02:55
by judasmuppet
For his first top-flight game, against Man U, coming off injury, I reckon he showed a lot of promise.

I'm more concerned for Spurs that they won't be able to score with both Berbatov and Bent on the park. One to keep an eye on.

Posted: 27 Aug 2007, 08:38
by Don Eduardo
Hmm. Bent and Berb haven't shared the field yet, but I've been thinking they could be ok together. They can both run off each other when Robinson clears, they're both handy in the air. Defoe's the one who looks like he may be out of his depth. He's just too one-dimensional.

Posted: 28 Aug 2007, 00:42
by lol-o-caust
Let's play 3-3-4!