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by Ian Pebble
18 Apr 2015, 20:19
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Topic: New Bungle EP!
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New Bungle EP!

by Ian Pebble
30 Mar 2009, 21:17
Forum: Music
Topic: Umlaut - Atlas Face (featuring Mike Patton)
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Re: Umlaut - Atlas Face (featuring Mike Patton)

I have really enjoyed this album. Here is a rip of the original version of Atlas Face without Mike Patton:

I have to say I prefer this version much more...
by Ian Pebble
22 Jun 2007, 11:46
Forum: Music
Topic: Tomahawk - Anonymous
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Here is a post from RateYourMusic that has a track by track breakdown of anonymous I found to be pretty accurate. "Patton is a dog. He ruined another great band with his washed-up diversity… Lemme spill some spoilers. I suppose reading Carlos Castaneda on tour is good for your mental health but HEY!...